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“I’ve come, to wake you all
who sleep the sleep of ages
while one by one the pages
of account book of paltry deeds and thoughts
Accumulate in defiling piles and keep you from
The happy land
Above, beyond the sleep, the dream,
Above, beyond the waking stage
The Realm of Restful peace.
I’ve come, to save you all
Who stray away in silly Pride
hunting fantasies in bush and briar
with bandaged eyes, in pitch dark gloom
And fall into birth-and-death,
Failure, Fracture, Faction, Fanatic fire.”
I’ve come to cure you all
From petty selfish inanities!
Trivial tinsel temporalities!
Your tweedledums and tweedledees,
The little loves and hates,
Across dividing line of ‘Mine’ and ‘thine’!
Brother gouging brother’s eye,
Sister crushing sister’s babe
For the sin of wall between!
I’ve come, to show you all
The Path: a Form, a Name; a way of life
That cools and calms the fevered Mind.
That stills the waves,
That fills, Fulfils;
That leads you into He (whom you forget)
That flows you into it, From which you came.
The solar rays, they open wide
The buds of Lotus, waiting for the warmth!
May the Khalifatullah of this Era, Munir Ahmad Azim’s words, their warming touch unfurl the petals of your Lotus heart!

Munir Ahmad Azim
The Khalifatullah of this Era
Received on the 24 May 2008
18 Jamadal Ulah 1429 A.H

“Yaa-ayyu-han-naasu inni Al-Khalifatullah ilaykum jamii anil-lazii lahuu mulkus saamaa waati wal arz”
(O mankind! I am truly a Khalifa to you all from Allah...)


A point which I wish to make my brothers, sisters and beloved children who are present here today is that the name Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is not a new religion. The creation of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has been divinely ordained, and thus the members forming part of it are true Muslim Believers and their faith is in the pure religion of Islam. Even if we have adopt the name of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam according to the Divine Command, but it does not point to the creation of a new religion.

“This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as religion.” (Ch.5, V.4)

	Allah has given us this name so as to distinguish ourselves from others. The best name that Allah could give us is embodied in the name Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam; that is ISLAM. This name has significance for our time. Ours is the time appointed for the propagation, all over the world of the universal message of the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). It is the time for the diffusion of the praises of God and for the spread of the knowledge of His Bounty and Beauty, the time for the manifestation of the revival of Islam, through Divine Revelations of the appointment of a Man of God.

	We are Muslims with our heart and soul. We hold the beliefs a true Muslim believer must hold and deny the beliefs a true Muslim believer must deny. If, in spite of our sincere devotion to the truths of Islam and our conformity to the commands of God, if anybody accuses us of unbelief or labels us as ‘non-Muslim’ or ‘non-Ahmadi’ and describes us as innovators or as believers in a new religion, he is most unkind and cruel. He will surely be answerable to God for this.

I now proceed to enumerate the beliefs held by our Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam so that you can see whether any of them are contrary to Islam.

(1) We believe that God exists; to subscribe to a belief in His existence is to affirm the most important truth; it is not to follow an illusion or superstition.

(2) We believe that God is one. He has no partner here or in Heaven. Everything else is His creation, dependant on His help and sustenance.

(3) We believe that GOD is Holy, free from all defects and full of all perfections. His power is unlimited. So is His knowledge. He encompasses everything and there is nothing which encompasses Him. He is the first and the last, the Manifest and the Hidden, the Creator and Master of all creation.

(4) We believe that angels are a part of God’s creation. They follow the law laid down in the Quran – they do what they are commanded. They depend on God in the same way as men or His other creatures. He is not dependent on them for the manifestation of His power. The angels only manifest the will and wisdom of God.

(5) We believe that God speaks to His chosen servants and reveals to them His purpose. Revelation from God descends in words. The recipient provides neither the meaning nor the words of revelation. Both come from Him. Revelation provides real sustenance for man. Man lives by it and through it, man comes to have contact with God. The words, which embody a revelation of God, are unique in their power and majesty. No man can coin such words. They carry treasures of knowledge and wisdom.

(6) We also believe that when darkness prevails in the world and human beings sink deep in sin and evil, when without the help of God it becomes difficult for them to release themselves. From the hold of Satan, then out of His Mercy and Beneficence, God chooses from out of His own loving and loyal servants, those whom He changes with the duty to guide the world. Through them God reveals His will and purpose. Those who turn away from them degrade themselves. Those who turn to them earn the love of God. The doors of His blessings are opened to them. His grace and mercy descend on them. They become spiritual preceptors for generations to come and attain greatness in this world and the next.

(7) We also believe that divine messengers, who in the past have helped mankind out of darkness and evil, have belonged to different levels of spiritual greatness and have fulfilled in different degrees the divine purpose which determined their advent. The greatest of them was the Holy Prophet (s.a.w). God described him as “the chief of men, a Messenger unto all mankind”.

(8) We also believe that God hears the prayers of His supplicants and servants. He helps them out of difficulties. He is a living God, His living character being evident in all things, at all times. It is not true that God created the world and then chose to sit aside. He continues His beneficent and benevolent interest in His servants and creatures. When they feel humble and weak, He turns to them with His help. If they forget Him, He reminds them of Himself and of His concern and solicitude for them. It is up to men to believe in Him and pray to Him. If they do so, they will have guidance from Him.

(9) We also believe that from time to time God determines and designs the course of events in special ways. Events of this world are not determined entirely by laws called the laws of nature. Besides these laws, there are special laws through which God manifests His might, interest, and purpose. It is these special laws which constitute evidence of the will and power and love of God, but which many out of ignorance happen to deny. Such men believe in nothing besides the laws of nature. Yet laws of nature may be laws of nature, but not laws of God. Laws of God are laws through which God helps His chosen ones, those whom He loves; through them He disgraces and destroys the enemies of His friends.

(10) We also believe that death is not the end of all existence for human beings. Man survives death and has to account for his deeds in the Hereafter. Those who do good deeds merit generous rewards. Those who offend His teaching and commandments meet the punishment which is their due. 

(11) We also believe that disbelievers in God and enemies of His revealed guidance, unless forgiven out of His infinite mercy, will stay in a place called Hell. In Hell, unbelievers and enemies of God will spend their days in wail, in regrets over days spent in evil.

We believe that those, who believe in God, his prophets, His angels and His books; who affirms with their heart and soul the guidance which comes from Him, who walk in humility and abase themselves in His presence; who live like the poor though they may be rich, who serve humanity and sacrifice their comfort for others, who abjure excesses of all kinds, hate, cruelty and transgression; who are models of human goodness; these men will go to a place called Heaven. Peace and pleasure will reign in this place. Pain will not exist. The pleasure and approval of God will have been won by every man. All low desires of men will disappear. The desires of men will be the desires of God. They will have attained everlasting life, every one an image of his Creator.

These are our beliefs; we affirm all the beliefs of ISLAM and hold these beliefs as our beliefs.

Coming of a Reformer “Imam-e-Inquilaab”: Important Islamic Belief

Belief in the coming of the advent of a Reformer has been held from before the time of Islam. It existed centuries before the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), as part of the Mosaic tradition. But in Islam the coming of a Reformer has been taught so systematically and determinately that we are obliged to regard it as one of the important beliefs of Islam. Factors, which have strengthened and systematized the Islamic belief, are the following:

(1) The advent of a Reformer is described in Muslim traditions as the advent of a new era in the advancement of Islam. The conquest of other faiths by Islam was to wait on the coming of a Reformer. It was to be initiated by the Reformer.

(2) The coming of a Reformer has seemed like the coming of the Holy Prophet himself, the first believers of the Reformer like the first believers of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h).

(3) The Reformer was to render Islam a great service at a time of great difficulty. The time is described in the most fearful terms in the Hadith (Saying of the Holy Prophet). A time of unparalleled danger, it was to shake Islam to its very foundations. The Reformer comes and makes Islam secure against its enemies.

The coming of Reformers and Messengers is often described in religious books. Such descriptions are always metaphorical, literal descriptions being useless for the promotion of spiritual merit. If signs of the time of a Reformer are described in minute detail and the detail is to be taken literally, there can be no distinction between a believer and a disbeliever.

The coming of the Khalifa (Caliph) of Allah is no ordinary event. It is a great event. Everyday, therefore, in our time is precious, infinitely more precious than the most precious possession of this world. Lucky is he who knows the value of the present and decides to join the Khalifatullah of this era, and earns the approval and pleasure of God. Such a man will find the goal of his life, and capture the secret of being truly human.

When a Messenger of God comes and raises a Jamaat, the first to join are generally poor. But the Jamaat does not remain poor for all time. It begins to prosper and ultimately many peoples join its fold. Nobody need think, therefore, that our Jamaat is poor and will remain poor. It will grow by leaps and bounds. Insha-Allah

The value of great events or good actions depends upon the time chosen for them. A thing done at a certain time turns out very great. 

At another time the same thing turns out not so great at all. Those, who were the first to believe in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), remain to this day the spiritual leaders of the world. Those, who believed when Islam had become a power in the world attained to little fame or honour. Therefore, those who join the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam now, when it is thought to be weak and insignificant, will attain the honour of early believers. They will inherit special rewards and blessings. Insha-Allah

Much time has gone by already, but the door to honour is still open; to earn nearness to God is still easy. I invite you, my dear brothers, sisters and beloved children, to consider how precious your opportunity is.

O my brothers, sisters and beloved children…

The task for which God has appointed me is, that I should, by removing the obstacles which have been set up between man and his Maker, re-establish in the hearts of men love and devotion to God, and by making manifest the Truth, should put an end to all religious wars and strife and thus lay the foundations of abiding peace, and should bring mankind with the spiritual truths which it had forgotten, and should demonstrate to the world the true spiritual life which had been displaced by material desires, and should in my own life manifest those Divine Powers with which man has been endowed, but which can be manifested only through prayer and devotion. 

God has filled me with knowledge so that I should warn those who have gone astray and should lead those who dwell in darkness into light. I have been sent by God to restore Truth and Faith and to revive the love and fear of God in the hearts of men. I have been sent to attract men to Truth in all things relating to belief, morals, knowledge and conduct.”

My duty firstly is to demonstrate the truth of ISLAM to all nations. Secondly, to present to the world the true teachings of Islam, which are full of truth and spirituality, free from all false interpretations and irrelevant interpolations and, thirdly to bestow the light of faith on all those who, from among the nations of the earth, should be eager in their search for it.

I want neither pelf nor power. I have been commissioned by Allah as a Warner unto mankind, and deliver His message to you. Should you accept it, you shall have felicity in this life as well as in the life to come. Should you reject the word of Allah, surely Allah will decide between you and me.

As from today 26 May 2008, I take Allah as my witness that I am also the Khalifatullah (Vicegerent of Allah) and the Imaam-e-Inquilaab of this Era. 

Each nation has been waiting for someone to come from Almighty God to revive the teachings of their respective prophets (or Avatars). The love of God is such that He does not destroy a people without first sending a Prophet as a Warner and Bearer of Glad tidings to mankind. 

Those warnings are meant to make mankind reflect upon their own actions and to leave all evils and to turn with a sincere heart towards their Creator. For those who acknowledge the truth from Almighty God, they are those who will reap the pleasure of God and will be given the beauties of the Eternal Abode. 

Wa ufaw-wizi amrii ilallah, innallaaha Basiirum bil ibaad

As for me, I entrust my destiny to Allah, for it is Allah who guards His servants

Fatabaarakallaahu Rabbul Aalamiin

All thanks to Allah, Lord of the Universe

Wa makhtalaftum fiihi miin shay-in fahukmuhuuu ilallah

All disagreement that you have on this (proclamation), its decision is with Allah. Allah is my Lord.


All of you who are here today, if you have some questions to put forward, you can ask this humble one any question which may not be clear in your minds about my proclamations. 

After five minutes, having no questions from the assistance, the Khalifatullah of this Era with the Divine Instructions on the spot further said:

Now all of you, if you sincerely believe and have no doubt in your minds concerning my divinely ordained proclamation, therefore In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Merciful, I humbly invite you to put your hand in my hand and repeat after me:

“I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad (s.a.w) is the Messenger of Allah.

I enter into the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam at the hands of Hazrat Amir’ul Momeneen Muhyi-ud-Din, the Khalifatullah of this era.

I ask forgiveness for my sins and in future will try to guard myself against evils of every kind. I will never set up equals to Allah and will give my religion (ISLAM) precedence over all worldly considerations. I will do my best to observe all the commandments of Islam and will try to study, learn and teach the Holy Quran and Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). I consider Muhammad (on whom be the peace and blessings of Allah) to be the Seal of the Prophets and I acknowledge all the claims of the Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Peace of Allah be upon him) and all the claims of the Khalifatullah of this Era, Hazrat Amir’ul Momeneen Muhyi-ud-Din Munir Ahmad Azim. 

I will deem the propagation of Islam to be the first of my duties. I will obey you in everything good according to the Holy Quran, Hadiths, teachings of the Promised Messiah of Qadian and the revelations which Allah is pouring down upon you through the Rouhil Qoudouss (Holy Spirit).

I beg forgiveness from the Lord my Allah for all my sins and turn towards Him. O my Lord! I have wronged my soul countless times and confess to all my sins. Please forgive me, for there is no forgiver except Thee. Ameen!

A Message of Hazrat Khalifatullah of this Era, Amir’ul Momeneen Muhyi-ud-Din Munir Ahmad Azim after his proclamation to all people of the world

I am the Khalifatullah of this age. God is with me and He is standing like a sharp sword and He has revealed to me that these mischievous people who will combat me will be disgraced. Look by the Divine Commands, I have given you the warning, which was my responsibility to convey to you.

You can laugh at me, much as you wish, abuse me as much as you like and plan to create problems for me as many as you like. And try to make plans by deceit to destroy me as much as you like. Even then remember Allah will show you that His Hand is overpowering.

Help, from the Lord, never does come for people with dirty minds. He never allows His righteous servants to be ruined or destroyed. Those alone come close to Him who are fully devoted to the Lord. The Proud never find the way to His self-esteem, august presence. The only recourse is that you pray to Him for His closeness. Seek alone, His helping hand, and burn all the sealing ladders.

God is well aware that neither had I desired any pleasure nor I wished that I should be called the Khalifatullah of this Era, or try to claim to be better or higher than Christ Son of Mary. I totally isolated myself in a room and wished to be left alone and wanted to die in that condition. But the God Almighty said that I will make you famous all over the world. So ask Him why did He do it?

I have not come to give you ‘lectures’ deprived of meaning for I do not believe in the value of mere words. I have come to give you the messages from the Lord and share with you my deep love for Him and invite you to partake in this special love. It is this that I hold precious to my heart. This is the real treasure.

I have also come to remind men of their divine heritage. Vicegerents from Allah  come from time to time, again and again to proclaim and re-affirm this truth. My work as the Khalifatullah of this era is to make men realise the essential Oneness, arising from the basic fact that all are expressions of the One. I have come in human form like you all to speak to you through the Holy Spirit in a language which you can understand and give glimpses of your innate glory. 

It is decided by Almighty God that those who among Muslims, disassociate themselves from me, will be unsuccessful whether they are kings or otherwise.

A Warner has appeared in this world but the world did not listen to him and with great force will reveal his truthfulness.

I swear in the name of Allah who is in complete control of my life, that He has raised me and named me as Hazrat Amir’ul Momeneen Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah of this Era.

Thus, O people of the world neglect not the message from your Lord, for He will always till the Day of Judgement send someone who will come from Him alone to revive the teaching of Islam which have been trampled to dust. 

So, let us as one body and one soul merge together in the Worship of the One Lord so that He may advert the evils and calamities which is impending upon this world.

Humanity is in danger. The road to ISLAM is the road leading to God Almighty, for a true believer is Him who devotes him completely in the path of God, and attaches himself to His Unicity. The world is condemned to disappear one day but let not the faith of man in His Creator not disappear from the surface of existence. For this, God Almighty sends out of His bounty someone to bring all people, towards the illumination of their souls.

I have come into this world as the light from God Almighty, so that whoever believes in me need not stay in the dark any more. My mission is thus: to witness to the truth of the existence of God, and to guide you all towards Him. I have the task to make them leave their sinful state and purify themselves in the exquisite love of the Almighty Lord.

Since the past weeks, by the Grace of Allah, I have been receiving many revelations, concerning the state of the world and the need of my humble appearance as the Khalifatullah of this Era.

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Tuesday 18 March 2008

“The best of men is the one who recognise My sign when it has been sent; The best of men is the one who recognise My Unicity, The best of men is the one who accept what I have sent to them for their sake without arguing.”

Revelations received on Wednesday 14 May 2008 after Maghrib

Laa Ilaahaa ill-lal-laah Aamanaa bi Rasoolillah

Saturday 17 May 2008 after Study Circle

Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam anyyata khalafuu ar Khalifatullah wa laa yargahuu bi anfusihim an-nafsih.

The members in Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam do not do well when they refuse to follow the Khalifatullah and when they prefer their own lives to his life.

Yaa ayyuhan-naasu Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam qaatilullaziina ya-luu-nakun minal zalimun wal yajuduu fiikum gilzah.

O people of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, fight against the wrongdoers around you and make them see that you are firm (in your faith).

Allaziina yalmi-zuunah muttawwi-iina minal Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam fis Dawati “Laa Ilaaha Illallah”, fis Tarbiyyati, fis Study Circle fa-yaskharuuna minhum sakhirrallaahu minhum wa lahum azaabun aliim.

They criticise the people of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam who do not hesitate to do Dawa “Laa Ilaaha Illallah”, do Tarbiyyat, do Study Circle and they mock them. But it is Allah who will mock them and they will receive a severe punishment.

Monday 19 May 2008 before Tahajjud

Wa’izaa maaa un-zilat Rouhil Qoudouss nazaraa Khalifatullah wal zaalimiina, wal Munaafiqinaa bazahum ilaa baaz.

Fallahu quluu-bahum bi-annahum qawmul laa yafqahuun.

When the Holy Spirit comes down upon the Khalifatullah, the wrongdoers and the Hypocrites look at each other.

Allah makes their heart deviate because they are people without understanding.

(This revelation repeats again on Tuesday 20 May 2008 after Tahajjud prayer before Fajr) 

20 May 2008 (continue)

“unzur kayfa zarabuu lakal amsaala fa-zallun falaa yastatii-uuna sabilaa”

Look what kind of example they give about you; they have lost their way (the right path) and they will not be able to find any other path.

Revelation on Thursday 22 May 2008.

Everyday up to Monday 26 May 2008, many times Allah gave me this revelation:

“Laqad jaaa-akum Khalifatullah min anfusikum” 

Among you there have already come a Khalifa from Allah; a person who comes from among yourselves.

Friday 23 May 2008

Avatar Munir Azim nadri bahrey kahai na pavai maan (sanskrit)

Avatar Munir Azim, no person could ever get honoured or is acclaimed without the grace of the Lord.

Yaa Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim anta minni inni minka.

O Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim you are from Me (Allah), I am from you.

Jiinakum bil Haqqi bashiraw wa Naziira.

We have sent you with Truth, good tidings and as a Warner.

“The Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim has come to turn an associated world to a universal word: “La Ilaaha Illallah”

24 May 2008

The Khalifa (Caliph) of Allah has come,
The light of Allah has come to unite everyone to the religion of God,
To bring the Unicity of Allah all over the universe,
The Khalifatullah of this era has come to turn an associated world to a universal word that is “La’Ilaaha Illallah”,
Come and join the word of God and let the truth be apparent.

Fa-mayy-yuridillaahu ay-yahdi-yahuu yashrah sadrahuu lil Jamaat Ul Sahih Al ISLAM

One whom Allah guides, He opens his heart to Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam.

You believe or not, it is the truth, the truth from Allah the great. Munir Ahmad Azim has been sent in this world, through My command to fulfill the prophecy of Hazrat Massih Maoud (a.s). The Khalifatullah is the guardian of the teaching of Islam, the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), the teachings of the Promised Messiah and all the precedent prophets (a.s).

The Promised Messiah (a.s) has defined the Holy Quran. Now the time has come, where I have sent My Khalifatullah in this era to teach the world about Me and My beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)  


Received on 27 April 2008


Avataar means coming down from heaven. Coming down from a higher level to a lower level is called Avataar. In the puranas it is known as “AvriBhav”. 

Only God can appoint a person as an Avataar; not mankind. In other words only God can take Avataar, not mankind. The whole universe is bound together into one unit by Dharma. Whenever Dharma is in danger, the Lord sends his Avataar or Messenger for its protection and preservation.

The Hindus are awaiting the second coming of Krishna, whereas the Christians are awaiting the descent from the Heavens of Jesus Christ. The Buddhists are awaiting the second coming of Buddha (a.s).  

So, all these Messengers or Avataars are meant to come in the appearance of only one person who will teach them Dharma (the right path) and guide them towards the Unique Creator of the Heavens and Earth. All prophets without exceptions have come with the mission to guide their people towards the worship of one God. Thus is also my mission, and I come in the spiritual resemblance of these prophets to guide all peoples of the world towards their Creator, for their own salvation and felicity, should they accept God’s Decree.

“Zaalika Fazlullaahi yutiihi mayyashaa”
This is a favour of Allah, which He gives to whomsoever He wills


The title “Khalifatullah” has been bestowed upon a righteous person named Munir Ahmad Azim, whose touch is blessed by God. 

O Khalifatullah of this Era; O Khalifatullah for the people, now it is time to deliver this true message of your appearance, into this world. Arise and create the universe of Allah and make these words penetrate in their heart “La Ilaaha Illallah”. Those who are given good tidings from God suffer no decline.

Arise O Khalifatullah and have the courage to deliver My message to all mankind.

All the members of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam must obey the instructions coming from Me through My Khalifa and if you do not obey, then you will lose this favour and others will come to get the blessings coming from Me, your Lord through the advent of My Khalifa. Thus, you must put all divine instructions in practice and obey My commandments and also those of My Khalifa.

A few moments ago the Muhyi-ud-Din Khalifatullah received a revelation: Diseases would spread and people will die. Diseases will spread and lives will be lost. Such diseases that will be sexually transmittable and more deadly that the AIDS Virus. I shall soon descend and My day will be a day of a great judgement. Be not surprised at my affair. Allah intends to honour Munir Azim and protect him. 

O My Khalifa, The moon of the prophets will come and your affair will be achieved. You are not the one to let go of Satan before overcoming him. They desire to put out the light of Allah and Allah is supreme over His decree, but most people know it not. For thee is elevation and debasement is your enemies’ share. Whichever way you turn there will be the countenance of Allah. Tell them: The truth has come and falsehood has vanished. The Khalifatullah of this Era possesses the qualities of Krishna and will be his reflection.

The moon of the Prophets will come and your affair will be achieved. You are not the one who would let go of Satan before you overcome him. The victory is with you and the defeat is destined for your enemies. Allah will not leave you till He has distinguished the pure from the impure.

We sent the Muhyi-ud-Din Khalifatullah to his people, but they turned away and said: ‘He is a mischievous liar. They started bearing false witness against him and fell upon him like the waters of a flood. My help will come to him. I am the Gracious One.

My Rassool will receive plentiful spiritual blessings. I shall gather groups from every people and they will come to him in large numbers Insha-Allah. I will illumine his house. This is a revelation from Allah, the Mighty, and the Merciful. 

Tell him (O Noor’ul Haqq): O Muhyi-ud-Din and Khalifatullah of this Era, you are Allah’s High Name, and you are His Ibrahim.

My Khalifa, Munir Ahmad Azim is a plain Warner. These foolish people will say: ‘This man is imposture and this man will ruin the faith. Tell them: The Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. 

Tell them O My Khalifa: ‘Had this matter been from anyone other than Allah you would have found great contradiction in it. He it is who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth and the reform of morals. A title of honour, a title of honour, a title of honour for you O Munir Ahmad Azim! There will be a great sign with it. God has determined to exalt your name and to illumine it in the universe.

O my Muhyi-ud-Din Khalifatullah, I shall illumine everyone in your house. Success from Allah and a clear victory. Success and victory from Allah.


 Jamadal Ulah ko wo abré bahaaran
Chaaé méré Munir Ahmad aaé
Ae Momeen téré ghar aa kar Jibreel (a.s) payaam
Yé laaé méré Khalifatullah aaé
Door houwaa duniyaa sé Andhéraa
Aaé Khalifatullah savéraa
Azim ké ghar aangann khushyon ké baadal
Chaaé méré Munir Ahmad aaé
Soukhee thin gulshann mein kalian
Oune ké qadam sé chaaron jaanib ho gaé
Noor ké saaé méré Khalifatullah aaé
Mushkil téri tal jaaégi
Soukhi khéti phal jaaégi
Jholi bharnaa kaam ké jinka aaj wo daataa aaé
Méré Khalifatullah aaé
Mujhko nidaa aayi ké Noor’ul Haqq Barkat
Dunya ko batlaa dé Noor’ul Haqq
Jo hé Khalifatullah ké chaahné waalé
Apné ghar ko sajaaé, Méré Mohyuddin aaé
Sanson mein jiss né naamé Mohyuddin bassaa liyaa
Zulmatt mein ik chiraaghé hidaayat jalaa liyaa
Jiss dil né ounn ki yaad ko dharkann banaa liyaa
Wo jaané Mohyuddin ké wo jaanaané Mohyuddin.

The beneficial cloud of Allah enrobes 
The entire universe with the arrival of Munir Ahmad on earth. 
O Momeen it is Jibreel (a.s) himself who came 
to announce you the good news of the arrival of the Khalifatullah on earth 
The darkness that hung over the land fade away
The Khalifatullah came as a light which illumine the universe
Happiness knocked at the door of the Azim 
With the arrival of Munir Ahmad on earth 
The flowers were dried out in the gardens
When all of a sudden all corners of the globe brightened 
When the Khalifatullah put his blessed feet on earth 
Your difficulties will dissipate soon 
The vegetation which were dried up regained its greenery 
The Generous Being who is made to be shared
The blessings of Allah on earth came 
Noor'ul Haqq Barkat has just received an Important message 
which he must necessarily convey to everyone. 
Whoever loves the Khalifatullah with all his heart 
Then beautify his house as a sign of happiness with the arrival of Mohyuddin on earth 
Whoever thinks Mohyuddin with every breath of his breathing 
In fact, he lit the darkness of his heart by the light of Imaan (faith) 
The heart that remembers Mohyuddin with each beat,
Automatically becomes the beloved of Mohyuddin.

In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful
Ya Khuda Shak nahin iss mein ké gunehgaar houn mein
O Allah, there is no doubt that I am filled with sins 
Par yé irshaad hé téra hi ké " ghaffaar houn mein "
But is it not You who have said: "I am the Forgiver" 
Saath apné liyé taqseeron ké ambaar houn mein
I carry behind my back a heavy burden of sins 
Mujh pé rehmat ho khudaayaa ké khataakaar houn mein
Have mercy on me, O my Creator because I am filled with misgivings
Apnaa ghagheen banaa kar mujhé har gham sé bachaa
May I remember you at every moment, and save me from all the ills of this world 
Ya ilaahi ghamé duniya mein giraftaar houn mein
Because I was trapped by the attractions of this world 
Ya qadeer ab to ho aasan méri har mushkil
O God Almighty! May my problems be resolved by Your Grace! 
Sakht majboor houn haïraan houn naachaar houn mein
As I am really sorry, anxious and hopeless 
Sab ko ho méri naseehat ka assar ya mawla
Enable everyone to practice what I tell them, O my Creator 
Ho a'mal aïsa ké bass shaamilé abraar houn mein
Let my words reflect the advice of pious and righteous people 
Ya ghani hashr mein mehroom ha rakhnaa mujhko
O my Generous God! Do not disinherits me of Your favours on Judgement Day 
Houn Faqeer aur téra taalibé deedaar houn mein
For I am only a poor beggar wishing only to contemplate You (when good people come to heaven, they can finally contemplate God Almighty with their own eyes).


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