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Important declaration of Hazrat Amir ul Momineen Zafrullah Domun to the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Nahmadohou wa noswalli alaa rasoolihil karim

In this paper I wish to inform the members of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Movement about the divine manifestation that has been going on in Mauritius since 2000. The narration will be under the following subheadings:

                     MY PERSONAL BACKGROUND

                     THE DIVINE MANIFESTATION



                     THE DECISIVE MEETING

                     OUR EXPULSION FROM THE JAMAAT



                     OUR PROGRESS SINCE THEN

                     MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY









My name is Zafrullah Domun. I am 52 years old. I am the son of Adam Domun, a born Ahmadi and we live in Mauritius . My mother's name is Nusrat. I am the third child of a family of seven. I am married and have three children.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah I am conversant with English, French and Urdu languages. I can also understand most of the Holy Quran in its original Arabic. I have had the opportunity to read several books of the Holy Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in its original Urdu and I have been an avid reader of Jamaat Ahmadiyya's literature published in Urdu and English.

Since my early years as a member of Atfal and Khuddam organisations I have been closely involved in organizing Jamaat Ahmadiyya's activities at different levels. At various periods in my life I have had the privilege to serve the Jamaat as a Qaed, a main-branch president, a national Secretary of publications and finally as the National Amir from November 1988 to June 1998.In 1989 I was the chairman of one of the Sub-committees of the International Majlis Shoorah held in London .

Since I started working in 1974 until December 2000 I have always been a regular chanda contributor and a regular subscriber to all the manifold funds that exist in the Jamaat.

Throughout my amarat I may say that I enjoyed the trust of the then caliph, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, may Allah have mercy on him. I may also say that I enjoyed the trust of most members of the Jamaat in Mauritius . Rarely, if ever, any of my decisions had ever been severely criticized and all instructions received from the Centre were forcefully and diligently implemented. In all humility I may also say that I have never been known to be a liar.

I am giving these details on my person not to boast of my personal merits but only to help the readers know a bit of my background and to appreciate how I was held in high esteem within the Jamaat.


On 7 th March 2000 , a local missionary by the name of Munir Ahmad Azim, informed me about an important dream that he had seen. It was a long dream. Among other things he saw the late Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad,Khalifatul Masih III who told him that since long in Rabwah they had kept his(Munir Ahmad Azim's) title as “ Qamaram Muneera” meaning a light giving moon. Furthermore, he visited a place where the Holy prophet Mohammad  (s.a.w) was delivering a speech in front of a very large assembly about the final victory of Islam. Hazrat Masih Maood (a.s) was sitting besides the Holy prophet  (s.a.w). Both of them recognized Munir Ahmad Azim's presence in the assembly and they sent a silver plate of dates and grapes for him after partaking of them .On coming back from that august place he met Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III again and the latter gave him some information about this humble self and also told him to confide in me all the messages that he would receive from the unseen. The latter also told him that the life of this world is only a pastime and the life of the hereafter is the real life. He told him to prepare for the life of the hereafter. For a biographical note of Munir Ahmad Azim(click here).

As soon as I heard about the dream I understood that there was something very important in the making. The next day and the following days also were followed by other portent dreams. From that moment onwards Munir Ahmad Azim and I started having daily phone conversations at night.


During the course of those conversations I understood that he was receiving several revelations and that through the dreams, visions and revelations we were being told about matters of which we knew not. Our attention was being drawn to several verses of the Holy Quran, to known and unknown ahadiths , to several prayers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad  (s.a.w), to prayers, the source of which we were unaware of, and also to extracts from the Promised Messiah's books or from his malfoozaaat. At the same time we received long texts on particular topics pertinent to spiritual understanding and elevation: what is Islam, what is the meaning of God being close to man, zikr , tawhid , the condition of humanity, international current affairs, religious reform, the necessity of revelation, and many others. I have to confess here that later on we became aware that many of the texts received already existed in one form or other in some books or articles but we were not aware of them when they were being received. As far as we are concerned many of these materials were new to us and they were spiritual delights.

These revelations were sometimes received in English or in French or in Urdu or even in Arabic or Persian or sometimes even in our local dialect Créole but most of them were in French or English. Whatever was received in Urdu or Arabic or Persian was followed by a translation so that we might understand the message. We were instructed to note down all these messages, dreams and revelations because they would come in handy later on. We were also told to continue to talk everyday and to share our experiences with each other.

During that time Allah informed Munir Ahmad Azim sahib that we are two Khalilullahs i.e two bosom friends of Allah. We were asked to devote our time to prayer, to the reading of the Holy Quran and to Zikrullah and to be ready to serve Allah's cause. In view of the dimension that this divine manifestation was taking, I became anxious because I immediately understood that we were on a collision course with the Jamaat's establishment. I prayed to Allah for guidance and I received the following message just before waking up one morning:

Al Haqqo mir rabbeka falaa takounanna menal moumtareen

“It is the truth from your Lord, be not of those who doubt.”

Since then several times I have received this revelation.

Around that time we were asked to be constantly engaged in the repetition of the following phrases:

•  La Maqsooda illallah meaning there is no destination but Allah

•  La Mabooda bil haqqe illallah - There is no one to worship in truth but Allah

We were also instructed to be very patient and Allah revealed “ Fasbir sabran Jameela ”i.e show beautiful patience.


In May 2000 a letter was sent to the caliph informing him about some of these revelations but no reply was received. Later on we understood from Tabshir that they did not have any record of such a letter. Allah knows better what may have happened.

In December 2000, Munir Ahmad Azim was on mission in the island of Rodrigues . During a conversation with him on the phone he told me that it would be advisable for Jamaat's members to recite two attributes of Allah regularly in order to protect us from the evil of a militant muslim organization which was very active in those days in Mauritius . A friend of ours by the name of Mushtaq Sooltangos came to know about this and he wanted us to inform the Jamaat's local administrators about these matters. Taking the Jamaat's interest at heart we accepted to speak to them. It was agreed that I would speak for Munir Ahmad Azim sahib since he was absent from the country. Mushtaq Sooltangos arranged a meeting with the Amir and some of his close collaborators in the Majlis Amla.


The meeting was held on Sunday 24 th December in the meeting room of the central mosque at Dar es Salaam , Rose Hill after namaz zohr . The members present at that meeting were as follows:

Mr Amine Jowahir - Amir Jamaat

Mr Moossa Taujoo - Naib Amir

Mr Hafiz Sookia - General Secretary

Maulana Shamsher Sookia - Central Missionary

Mr Bashir Jowahir - Secretary audio video

Mr Nazir Bukuth

Mr Mushtaq Sooltangos

Mr Shams Varsally - Secretary Finance

I started by making a brief exposé of about 20-25 minutes about how this manifestation had started, I spoke about some of the messages received, I also requested that the members be asked to read two attributes of Allah in order to avert any pending calamities. At the end the Amir said that he would have to report the whole matter to Hazur. I recited the following verse to them:

Do the disbelievers think that they can take My servants as protectors instead of Me? Surely we have prepared hell as an entertainment for the disbelievers. (Ch18v103)

The meeting ended. Some members expressed some favourable remarks about this divine manifestation but others, particularly the Amir were not at all happy with the situation.


The Amir sent his letter to Tabshir on 26th December. Eid festival was on 28 th December and the reply received was dated 31 st December 2000.What was expected happened. Clearly specifying that relying on the report sent by the Amir, the late Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(May Allah have mercy on his soul) expelled both Munir Ahmad Azim and me from the Nizam Jamaat . In the letter we were told to form our own Jamaat if we wished and to add insult to injury the caliph said that our end would be fearful.

The Amir and his friends were gleeful. They have been triumphant in quelling a rebellion against Khilafat and the Amir was a new hero. I was told that when he finished his khutbah Jummah of 5 th January 2001 he was congratulated by the ‘notables' of the Jamaat for having knocked me and my brother Munir Ahmad Azim down. It was as if he had accomplished a work that others had started before him but could not accomplish. He was successful in championing the Jamaat's cause and he nipped a rebellion in the bud.


Khilafat was in danger in Mauritius . Hence there was a need to inform the members of the Jamaat about these new trouble-makers. Consequently every occasion was used to vilify and calumniate us in public. As if this would not be enough a systematic social boycott was encouraged and we were being avoided everywhere. It became haram to say salaams to us. The Amir ordered that one of Jamaat's mosques be closed on Eid ul Azhia day in order to prevent us from praying over there. The Amir saw to it personally that we were not invited to any marriage ceremony because our presence had become very offensive to him. Furthermore, Munir Ahmad Azim, who was employed by the Jamaat was sacked without any compensation and without any due process of law. All these were being done in the name of Ahmadiyyat- The True Islam. One is bound to lament, paraphrasing a French poet:

“O Ahmadiyyat what crimes have they not committed in thy name.”


Nizaam Jamaat threw us away to be drowned but Allah took us into His lap to be caressed although the evil doers disliked it. There was a rainfall of revelations. We were asked to show exemplary patience like those people of great determination who had preceded us. Allah revealed:

•  “We will destroy the wrongdoers”.

•  “We will humiliate he who tries to humiliate you”

But this will happen at an appointed time, the knowledge of which is known only to Allah. Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Verily the time appointed by Allah cannot be put off when it comes, if only you knew (Ch 71: V 5)

But as far as we were concerned we were basking in Allah's Love and in His Grace. None of the Amir's pettiness was too much for us to bear. We could easily say to him and his likes in the words of our Master Hazrat Masih Maooud (a.s)

Tere Makron se eh jahil mera nuksaan nahin har giz

Ke ye jaan aag mein par kar bhi salamat ane wali hai

O foolish one your stratagems will not harm us at all

Because this soul will come out safely even after going through fire.

We were persecuted only because we said that Allah was speaking with someone amongst us. The following verses of the Holy Quran aptly describe what our situation was and what the Amir and his followers did:

And they were the witnesses of what they did to the believers

And they hated them not but only because they believed in Allah the Almighty , the Praiseworthy

To whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is witness over all things

Those who persecute the believing men and believing women and repent not, for them is surely the punishment of hell and for them is the torment of heart burning.

Holy Quran Ch 85 v 8-11


Slowly some members of the Jamaat started opposing the Nizaam Jamaat and came to join our ranks. The Amir reacted by having these people expelled like us from the nizaam Jamaat . But to his surprise members became emboldened and showed that they had a greater fear of Allah than His creatures and more members came to join us. The Amir stopped expelling these people. In the beginning of 2003 we received instructions to form our Jamaat. The Jamaat Ahmadiyya Almouslemeen was duly registered in May 2003. And as soon as the papers for the registration were deposited Allah revealed to Munir Ahmad Azim sahib in Arabic:

Qaddarallaho fa ma sha'a fa'al

Allah has decreed and He does what He wishes.

When Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad died on 19 th April 2003 , we took the pledge (bait) at the hand of the newly appointed Hazrat Amirul Mo'meneen Munir Ahmad Azim. Allah gave him the title ‘Amirul Mo'meneen' in January of that year and allowed him to use the word “Hazrat” before his title. In other instructions received he was told that we should now change our dress code- we should wear loose garments instead of the usual trousers and shirts that we used to wear. By that time our number was around sixty six persons including women and children. Since then three adults and three children have left us.

In the same year 2003 Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Munir Ahmad Azim received the title “Mohyiuddin” i.e. a reviver of faith. Allah told him that his mission is to revive the faith that is disappearing.. In another revelation Allah told him that there is no difference between a Mohyiuddin and a Mujaddid. Among other titles that he was given Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Munir Ahmad Azim was also told that he is a ‘Khalifatullah ” i.e Allah's Vicegerent. To accomplish his task he has been given a helper in this humble self. And both of us will have to work together to accomplish this noble task. Allah gave us the names to be given to our different sub- organizations. The one for the ladies is known as Djawharaatul Kamaal -the pearls of perfection; the one for young men is known as Sahib Alam – the standard bearers and the one for young girls is known as Al Yaqoutatil Farida -Unique Jewels.

In July 2005, Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Mohyiuddin traveled to the south of India . Wherever he went he was most welcomed. By the Grace of Allah many persons over there were very glad to receive his message. He established a Jamaat of about forty members in Puttarpathy, near Bangalore . He went back again in September accompanied by Abu Elias Jhangeerkhan, one of our elders, and he was able to officially register the Jamaat in Chennai and he attended the first Jalsa Salana in Bangalore . Alhamdo lillah. Right in the beginning Allah told us “ La tarqabouna tabaqan an tabaq” meaning “ you shall definitely progress from stage to stage”. And by the Grace of Almighty Allah we have witnessed during these past five years how Allah's words and promises have been fulfilled.

Phir Bahaar ayi aur Khoda ki baat phir pouri houwi

Spring came back and Allah's words were again fulfilled.

During the past two weeks people from Kuwait and Morocco have called Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Mohyiuddin on the phone. Some even were ready to swear the oath of allegiance with him on the phone itself and they have invited him to come to their place. Allaho Akbar


Today I am glad and privileged to make the following declaration to all members of the Ahmadiyya worldwide Jamaat:

1. Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim and this humble self are two Khalilullahs that have been appointed by Allah to call people towards Him.

2. We are both recipients of revelations as we understand revelations within Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

3. We claim to continue the work of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Masih Maoud (a.s). We adhere to the letter and spirit of whatever he has said or has written.

4. As far as the previous four caliphs are concerned we acknowledge them to be distinguished servants to the cause of Ahmadiyyat. But the 4 th Khalifa made a mistake by just listening to what the Amir of Mauritius had to say on this matter and he called these revelations “so called revelations” and he cursed us saying that our end “will be fearful” . We hope Allah may forgive him for this.

5. For those who say that the Khalifa has knowledge of the unseen I advise them to go and read their Holy Quran with greater diligence. Its pages are full with verses which contradict this point of view.

6. For those who say that the caliph cannot make any mistake I refer them to the following verse of the Holy Quran: “O David, We have made thee a Khalifa in the earth; so judge between men with justice and follow not vain desire, lest it should lead thee astray from the way of Allah. Surely those who go astray from the way of Allah will have a severe punishment, because they forgot the day of reckoning.” Ch 38 V 27In Islam there is no doctrine of infallibility of anyone. Man is man and fallible; only Allah is infallible. Those who assert the contrary and mislead simpleminded believers will one day have to answer for their deception.

7. Furthermore I advise them to read the commentary of Hazrat Musleh Maood on Ayat Istikhlaaf ch23:V56 In Urdu in Tafsir Kabir where he has said that if ever khilafat will run into problems it would not be because of the khalifa but mainly because of those who would be in his inner circle. Take your own conclusions.

8. As far as the present Khalifa is concerned, under instructions from Allah we wrote to Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad but he did not care to even acknowledge the receipt of our letter. He will have to bear his own responsibility in front of Allah and in front of history. We leave this matter in Allah's hand.

9. We believe that even in the presence of the institution of Khilafat the door for the arrival of Reformers or Revivers within Jamaat Ahmadiyya will never be closed. It is Allah's privilege to decide who should be a reformer or a reviver and men have no say in this decision. When Allah sees that the state of affairs needs a reformer, He does not need to seek the approval of anyone, whatever his rank, in order to appoint such a person. Allah knows full well how far the institution of khilafat is working or not working. He knows who is most apt to act as His vicegerent and no one can contest His decision. The following verses of the Holy Quran make this very clear:But Allah does what He desires.(Ch2V254)He is not to be questioned as to what He does but they will be questioned.(Ch21v24)All Grace is in the hand of Allah. He gives it to whomsoever He pleases. And Allah is Bountiful and All-Knowing (Ch3V74)He selects for His Mercy whomsoever He pleases. And Allah is Lord of mighty Grace(Ch3v75)

10. Many in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya of Mauritius say that Khilafat is our life. He who abandons Khilafat abandons Allah. We say Allah appoints His Khalifa It is His promise that He gives Khilafat to those who believe and do good deeds. And He has chosen Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Mohyuddin as His Khalifa and also as a Mohyiuddin for this era. No one on earth, whether he is a governor a minister or a president and even less, inferior mortals will ever be able to change anything to this statement. Repeatedly Allah has revealed: “Surely true guidance is Allah's Guidance”He further says: And him whom Allah guides, there is none to lead him astray. Ch 39 V 38

11. In another revelation Allah has said “O Mohyiuddin arise and create a new world! the teachings of the Promised Messiah has been trampled to dust…. They give khilafat more importance than My divine words(Holy Quran), the sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad  (s.a.w)and the teachings of the second Issa (the Promised Messiah)

12. Again in another revelation speaking about the light of Allah in man's heart Allah has revealed:“It is Allah who silences it or makes it speak. It is He who veils it or unveils it. It is He who gives it and takes it back wherever and whenever He pleases because that light comes from Him. That is why He works within that Light as He wishes and wherever He pleases and in whom He pleases and according to His will.”

13. I want to make it very clear to those who think that by persecuting us they will make us recognize and feel our mistake and return with them, that they are thoroughly mistaken. Allah has taught us “ when heaven is being offered to you today why wait for the priest's promise of tomorrow”. Furthermore our answer to you is the same as that of Hazrat Shuaib(as):The chief men of his people who were arrogant said, ‘Assuredly we will drive thee out, O Shuaib, and the believers that are with thee from our town or you shall return to our religion. 'He said ‘even though we be unwilling?'If we returned to your religion after Allah has saved us there from, we would indeed admit that we had been forging a lie against Allah. And it behoves us not to return thereto except that Allah our Lord should so will. Our Lord comprehends all things in His knowledge. In Allah have we put our trust. So O our Lord decide Thou between us and our people with truth and Thou art the Best of those who decide.' Ch 7 V89-90




Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah says in “The Victory Of Islam” p 34-35 Islam International publications Ltd 1996:

“Do you understand what is meant by the night of Decree? The night of Decree or the ‘ laila-tul-Qadr' is the name of a night when spiritual darkness reaches its ultimate gloom. That gloom, metaphorically, demands a light from heaven for its dissipation. This night is symbolically called the night of Decree. In fact, it is not a night but a period, which is referred to as a ‘night', because of its intense darkness.

One thousand months is the approximate life span of a human being. It is also a period after which normal human senses cease to function. The elapse of a period of one thousand months, following the demise of a prophet or his spiritual successor also signals the commencement of a ‘night' of darkness. This ‘night' triggers a fervor in the heavens and the seeds of the birth of one or more reformers is stealthily sown. Thus, such a reformer or reformers prepare to emerge at the head of the new century. The following verse is also an indication by God towards this phenomenon:

The night of Decree is better than a thousand months (Surah Al-Qadr (ch97) v4)

meaning that anyone who perceives the blessings of this night of Decree, or anyone who benefits from the company of the Reformer of age, is better than an eighty years old man who failed to behold this blessed time. Even if he witnessed a single moment of this blessed era, it was better than his past one thousand months. Why is that moment better? Because during that period, in support of the Reformer, the angels of God and the ‘Rooh-ul-Quddus' (Holy Spirit) descend from the heavens. They manifest themselves upon the hearts of the faithful for the purpose of unveiling the path to the guidance. They remain fully engaged in this endeavor until the gloom of delinquency vanishes, ushering in a dawn of piety.”

From “ Khutba Ilhamiyya ” 1 st edition page 35, Hazrat Masih Maood (a.s)says in arabic:

Laa waliya ba'di illallazi howa minni wa ala ahdi

Translation: There is no Wali after me except one who comes from me and has a relationship with me.

In Lecture Sialkot, p6-7, Hazrat Masih Maood (a.s) says : The seventh millennium in which we are present is that of guidance. Because this is the last millennium,therefore it was necessary at its beginning that the Guide of the latter days should appear. And after him there will be no Guide nor any Messiah but one who will be his (Zill) reflection…….


Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad the fourth Khalifa In a speech entitled “The Philosophy of the Revival of Religion” says:

…………….Every fair minded person can see from this comparison that the Ahmadiyya view-point is based on the history of religions while the philosophy of its opponents is mythical and contradicts the history of religious revival. We learn from history that everyone appointed by God was faced with a storm of opposition. All prophets came with the message of truth and eternal life but were opposed by those who preferred falsehood to truth, and spiritual death to spiritual life. This indeed is the process of the birth of religions. When impurities and corruption crept into religions, their rebirth also took the same course. The reformers sent by God also suffered as the prophets had suffered. Whenever the Almighty chose to revive a nation spiritually, it split into two groups-those who saw the truth and those who opposed it. And neither group ever changed its demonstrated attitude. The Holy Quran describes this oft repeated cycle in a most effective and moving manner. A study of the Holy Quran shows that:

1. Religions are born and revived through divinely appointed reformers. Never have the scholars ever reformed a religion through conferences and consultations.

2. The divinely appointed reformers are invariably rejected by their people and treated with arrogance and disdain.

3. Such reformers are always opposed by violence. They are accused of corrupting the religion of their forefathers. They are branded heretics and held guilty of apostasy.

4. The creed professed by the opponents prescribes death or banishment as the punishment for apostasy. The reformers are offered a choice of either a return to the fold or exile, failing which they are threatened with death.

5. The reformers never advocate violence. Their followers demonstrate steadfastness of such a high degree that they would rather be exiled or killed than recant.

6. The reformers do not entice people with promises of power and high office: they dispel worldly ambition. They do not lure people with wealth; they inculcate the spirit of sacrifice. The rich who believe consider it their good fortune to give their all in the service of God; the mighty shrug off the trappings of power. It is then that divine providence adjudges them fit to take over temporal power.

This is the process of religious revival of nations that the Ouran and the Scriptures reveal. All prophets,from Adam to the Holy Prophet Muhammad ,went through these stages. They gave their nations new life by leading them over the path of suffering and sacrifice. They taught love. They inculcated love of hard work, of sustained effort and incessant actions. It is this revolutionary spirit which breathes life into dead nations. This oft-demonstrated and unchanging divine law is in consonance with man's nature, conscience and intellect. It is this law that the Ahmadiyya Community acknowledges.”

From the above it is very clear that in Jamaat Ahmadiyya , Allah has kept the door open for revelation. Allah will appoint Guides/ Khalifas through revelation to guide this Jamaat and humanity whenever the need arises. And Hazrat KhalifatulMasih IV has given a very vivid picture of how reform takes place within religious communities and what are its consequences. In their ignorance the Amir of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius and his sincere followers have shown themselves to be excellent in proving the words of the Khalifa to be correct

Some other manifestations

By the Grace of Almighty Allah there are some other divine manifestations that I would like to mention here. We have amongst us two girls below 12 years old who from time to time receive some messages from Allah. We also have a young unmarried woman who regularly receives poems about Allah and some other religious topics. These revelations have such depth of meaning that very few persons can understand them. Furthermore we also have a married woman who receives plenty of messages and true dreams from Allah. And to crown it all, regularly from the palms of the hands of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Mohyiuddin oozes a perfume that has been witnessed by foes and friends alike. Of course this does not happen at his will but it is just a manifestation of Allah's Will.


Some persons may rightly ask the question that if all this has been happening since 2000, why is it that now, after five years that these matters are being published for the whole Jamaat's knowledge? Our reply to this is that there is an appointed time for everything and now the time is appropriate to inform all members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya worldwide about these matters. The fact was that we were being trained with Allah's instructions and now we have received repeated revelations telling us:

“Convey what has been revealed to thee from thy Lord; and if thou do it not, thou hast not conveyed His message. And Allah will protect thee from men.”

Hazrat Amirul Mo'meneen Munir Ahmad Azim has repeatedly received

Stand up and warn

And thy Lord do thou magnify

And thy clothes do thou purify

And uncleanliness do thou shun

And bestow not favours seeking to get more in return

And for the sake of thy Lord do thou endure trials patiently

Our task is only to deliver the message. Members of the Jamaat will now have to examine these claims. We advise you not to be the first to reject it. Of all people you should be the first to understand the truth of this message. Try to understand firsthand from us what it is all about and then you decide whether to accept or to reject it . It is our hope and prayer that you seek Allah's guidance before arriving at any conclusion. May Allah be your Guide and Helper. May peace be upon he who follows guidance.

Wallaho ala ma naqoulo wakeel

Allah watches over what we say.(CH28V29)

Zafrullah Domun

Hazrat Amirul Momeneen

I hereby confirm that whatever has been said about me in this document is true.

 Munir Ahmad Azim

Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Mohyiuddin

Date: 23 Nov 2005